Fetco L4S-20 LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser

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The large capacity 2.0 gallon L4S-20 Server is compatible with 2.0 Gallon XTS™ (CBS-2152XTS-2G), Handle Operated (CBS-52H-20) and IP44/Maritime series brewers (IP44-52H-20) for medium-to-large sized operations. Requires use of brew stand sold separately.

Standard features of the innovative L4 series include the digital Freshness Timer® and Volume Indicator. The Freshness Timer® digitally displays how long the beverage has been held with a series of clocklike icons that fill in overtime. The Volume Indicator shows how much liquid has been dispensed in .25 gallon increments with a “V” shape that gradually disappears. These features are critical for the operator monitoring liquid levels and maintaining uninterrupted beverage service.


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