Bubble tea cup Sealing Machine ET-99SU

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1. It is made of the stainless
2. The Most Popular Table type model for Store-front.
3. Small machine size, light weight, and Low Cost investment.
4. Quickly packaging operation.
5. Capable of Sealing all Material: PP, PE, Paper......
6. No spoils, No dripping. Maintain the freshness of your product.
7. Upgrade your product's image with colorful, appealing logo.
8. Advanced microcomputer controlled system.
9. Special design of Front Safety Guard for emergency.
10. Auto cup-jack in any different depth.
11. Both Blank and Printed film can be used.
12. Microcomputer program can be reset for multi-function and error code detection.



                                                            MODEL ET-99SU
                                                            Machine Size (mm) 340x360x610
                                                            Power(W) 110/220(400W)
                                                            Weight(kg) 23
                                                            Capacity(pcs/hr) 450
                                                            Max.Cup Size(mm) 95x95x180
                                                            Appearance Stainless painting


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